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A Personalized Approach

Graham Construction Ltd. has grown from a one-employee firm taking on small projects to a nearly 20-employee company working with a wide range of construction projects. It all started as the brain child of Graham Surette, who established his construction company in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, in 1988 with one employee. As a 1982 graduate of the Burridge Campus Carpentry Class, now NSCC Burridge, Surette already had the foundation for a strong construction career. For nearly 30 years, he has been gaining more expertise and expanding the company to include more than minor renovations.

Quality and Professionalism

During the first decade in business, our construction company grew from one employee to eight. Many of the clients from earlier years turned into repeat customers and spread the word of our high-quality work to their friends and colleagues. During these first ten years, we completed a wide variety of projects, ranging from small residential renovations to more complex, multi-million dollar commercial projects.

Experienced Staff

After the first decade, we continued to grow and now directly employ 17 employees. Because these are our employees and not contracted help, we can have complete control over the quality of our work–quality we always ensure meets our high standards. Many of our employees have been with our construction company for more than a decade, producing a cohesive team capable of tackling virtually any construction project. Our experienced staff is our biggest asset. They know how to plan and carry out tasks efficiently in order to produce prompt service and high-quality results.

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We proudly serve residential and commercial clients in Yarmouth, Shelburne, and Digby, Nova Scotia.

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